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Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Have Fallen

Today we honor and celebrate the courageous men and women who fought for our country, freedom and liberties and have fallen in the line of duty. As we pause as a nation and reflect on these selfless individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we also remember those who are still with us. This Memorial Day, we asked veterans at Safariland what this day of remembrance means to them. Thank you to all those who have served, and to all our fallen brothers and sisters, your sacrifice will never be taken for granted.

Safariland Veterans

Jim Price-Memorial Day

“For me and my peer group from the military, Memorial Day is a time to remember each other and our brothers who are no longer with us. My career field was one of the small elite career fields in the USAF. We became bonded for a life time thanks to shared pain and suffering. While I was on active duty my team would hold a big family BBQ on Memorial Day but we would leave a space at the table set for the guys from my team who were killed in training accidents or combat.

We also had a special engraved crystal decanter with pewter shot glasses. We would do a toast and take a shot of Goldschläger to the fallen and those still deployed. We would probably do a few more shots to other stuff, like the century mark for jumps, a promotion, clouds in the sky, or a birthday from four months ago. The rest of the evening would be a time to laugh and have fun with my brothers, knowing full well this could be our last time together. Lately our get together has been over the phone but the decanter of Goldschläger and associated shot glasses still exists and we crack that thing open when we can.”

Jim Price
Shane Ruiz_Army_Memorial Day
Shane Ruiz_Army_Memorial Day_2Shane Ruiz_Army_Memorial Day_3

“Memorial Day to me is the most honorable and respectful day, we as Americans should celebrate. It’s a day to for us all to remember the heroes and patriots who we lost defending our freedoms. Men and women who displayed the true meaning of sacrifice; while loving their country enough to die for us all to live in peace.

I’ve served with many great men. Warriors. Brothers. People who shortly become your family. They gave it all every single day, in any situation on and off the battlefield. The thought of them gone is difficult but remembering the honor they gave to fight is irreplaceable.

General Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. once said, “It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.” Thank you all who served with me and made a difference in my life.”

Shane Ruiz
Mike Kramer

“Thanks to all the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Mike Kramer
Peter Chang_Memorial DayPeter Chang_Memorial DayPeter Chang_Memorial Day

“For me every day is Memorial Day. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about or remember all those who fought alongside me who aren’t here with us today. They fought with honor and integrity and laid their lives on the line to serve this great nation, and I am grateful every day for their sacrifice.”

Peter Chang
Bobby McGee_Memorial Day

“Memorial Day to me as a Veteran, is a day where I’m reminded of what combat veterans have given to this country. Every combat veteran has given something to this country, without asking for anything in return. Memorial Day is the day we thank and honor those who did not get the joyous homecoming, or have since been laid to rest. Memorial Day is a day to remember these men and women in uniform for who they are: heroes, who committed to our country.”

Bobby McGee
Joe Portillo-Memorial Day

“I feel privileged to have served in the footsteps and alongside the great warriors that served with me in the Marines and am grateful for those who continue to fight for us today. Today is a time to pause, reflect and give appreciation to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms, something that we should never take for granted.”

Joe Portillo
Edgardo Pabon-Memorial Day

“A day to honor the sacrifice made by those who served this nation and are no longer with us because they lost their lives doing so.”

Edgardo Pabon