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Safariland® Expedition: Meet Pete

Summer just got a whole lot hotter. This year we are proud to introduce the Safariland® Expedition Multi-Gun match, a four-day competition Jun 22-25, at the Pro Gun Club just outside of Las Vegas.

Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun introduces a brand new format with two guns per stage, rifle shots under 100 yards, minimal shotgun loading, faster stages, and faster scoring, all to allow a squad the ability to shoot five stages in under four hours. Are you sweating yet?

Safariland’s Vantage Point would like to introduce you to Pete Rensing, a 3rd generation Marine who is the mastermind behind the Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun competition. Happy shooting!


How did you start shooting competitively?

Tahnee and I shot a Cowboy match in Idaho with her dad when we were on a three month rock climbing trip. When we returned to Las Vegas we just went to an indoor USPSA match and we both enjoyed it. I have been shooting since the Marine corp, and competing in sports all my life. Shooting competitions give me the ability to compete and do something I enjoy and excel at.

Was it love at first shot?

I have been shooting for thirty years. Playing the games for the past seven. I have always enjoyed shooting and now it is a huge part of our life.

What made you decide to get involved in helping to plan and stage competitions?

This is a volunteer sport. Many clubs across the country are run by volunteers. Unfortunately, Las Vegas is filled with people that work weekends and nights, and don’t have a set schedule. Getting volunteers here is tough, so I knew I could help and make the local matches better.

Is it hard to shoot in the Nevada sun?

The summers are hot but many shooters still want to compete, even when I say it’s too hot. Expedition Multi-gun allows my locals to shoot a five stage match in four hours, the same time it takes to play a round of golf. If the summer matches went to 5p.m., it would not work. 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m. is before the really hot hours, so we can get it done safely.

What do you shoot?

I enjoy all shooting. Long range, skeet, trap, pistol, name it I will shoot it. I am currently a GM in USPSA, and I have several top ten finishes at multi-gun majors and some overall wins.


What makes Safariland Expedition different than other events you’ve planned?

This match is for everyone. We have several divisions for shooters to choose from to come play and have fun. The ability to shoot the same match in two divisions does not happen at too many matches, and definitely not the same match three times. Also, the ability to shoot stages during the day and the same stages at night is something different that the Safariland Expedition offers. The support we are getting from Safariland is awesome, and I am excited to see how big we can make this event in the next couple years.

What are you most excited about for this competition?

I get pretty excited about the stages I design for all my matches. It really makes all the hard work worth it when shooters come and say great things about the competition. There will be some cool changes in this match, that are all shooter requested changes, that i think will make this match exciting to watch.

Where would you like to see this style of shooting go?

The question is where is it going. I already have several clubs asking for help and support and I am doing everything I can to help it spread.

What are some of your biggest challenges you face as a shooter?

I think all shooters out there will say that rule changes and division differences make things confusing sometimes but, as the rule book and style spreads, I hope that shooters will know what to expect from these matches and it will make it easier to prepare for them.

What’s your favorite piece of Safariland equipment?

It can’t be narrowed down to just one! The ELS system is by far the best system for all shooters to get gear ready for a stage, and then change it for the next to fit the stage. There is nothing out there even close to the ease and speed in which I can configure my gear in seconds. If I had to pick just one it would be the ELS belt, with all my receivers on it and then all the forks on all my mag pouches, shotgun holders, and holsters.

What’s one thing you shouldn’t forget to bring to Safariland Expedition?

A positive attitude. This is a first year match, but I have a proven track record. The USPSA Multi-gun Nationals has been evolving for several years now. We make changes every year based on shooters comments and stage design. The Surefire World Multi-gun Competition has been evolving the last three years as we strive to make a better match for the shooters every year. I hope to get tons of comments from everyone on what they like, and what we can do to improve the Safariland Expedition experience for several years to come. Don’t forget to bring your Safariland gear!


Sign up for the Safariland Expedition at safarilandexpedition.com.

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