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Surefire XC1 Ultra-Compact LED Light

Don’t get left in the dark.

To aim, you need to see. The Safariland® 7TS™ series holsters now accommodate the Surefire’s XC1 Ultra-Compact LED handgun light. At 200 lumens, the XC1 throws a broad MaxVision Beam™, to illuminate and identify threats at close range.


7TS holsters with XC1 compatible fits are currently available for the Glock 17/22 and 19/23, Heckler and Koch VP9, and Smith & Wesson’s M&P, while additional firearm fits and models are in the works. The holsters ensure a perfect fit with the XC1, and offer protection to both the firearm and LED light.


Tiny but tough, the XC1 measures less than 2.5 inches long, weighs under two ounces and features a recoil-proof LED. Specially developed to equip compact railed handguns with white light, the XC1 is constructed from lightweight aerospace aluminum that’s hard anodized with a tough Mil-Spec finish.

Both lightweight and impervious to the elements, the 7TS series holsters now provide a protective solution for the XC1 LED light that’s rugged enough for everyday carry.