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2000 Lives Saved

Every single number from one to 2000 has special significance to us at The Safariland Group. The numbers represent individual people. Officers or first responders who put their lives on the line, and were saved by Safariland armor or gear. In 2017, we reached a historic milestone with SAVE #2000. We felt this was a good time to take a look back and reflect on the impact these saved lives have had.


Honoring SAVES CLUB members is a powerful experience for Safariland associates, who get the opportunity to meet the SAVE, and connect their hard work to an officer or first responder who has made sacrifices for their community. Sergeant Evan Antley, SAVE #1984, said, “Safariland’s motto is ‘Together, We Save Lives,’ and obviously that’s what every person out on that floor is doing, day in and day out.”


Ed Hinchey, SAVES CLUB Manager, is a SAVE himself, #941. He now works as a liaison for our SAVES CLUB members, ensuring SAVES are honored for their service in a ceremony, and outfitted with new armor or gear. “It’s so rewarding to get to know each of these folks on a personal level,” said Hinchey, “as they are such outstanding people.”

To celebrate the milestone of 2000 SAVES, Safariland will be hosting a SAVES Presentation at SHOT Show on Wednesday, January 27th at 3:00 PM at The Safariland Group Booth, # 12762. We welcome all who would like to come by and see the event, which will include three SAVES: Brandy Pierce SAVE #2000, Dani Kamenar SAVE #1988, and Adam Koch, SAVE #1978.