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7378 Concealment Holster

7TS Series: Concealment

When you wear a holster all day, comfort is key. The Safariland® Model 7378 7TS™ Concealment Holster is there by your side, concealed and comfortable. This paddle and belt loop combo has a lightweight design, so it won’t drag on your belt. The is also extremely durable, since it’s crafted from weather- and temperature-resistant SafariSeven™. SafariSeven is a non-marking nylon blend which won’t scratch or mar the finish of your firearm. The holster has raised interior stand-offs which allow any dirt or moisture to clear the holster quickly.

The combination of concealment and secure retention makes the holster a great choice for everyday carry. The 7378 holster combines features the security of ALS® retention with the speed and simplicity of an open-top design.

The ALS lever secures your firearm automatically once it’s holstered, yet still allows a fast, natural draw once you depress the thumb release as you acquire your shooting grip.


Safariland customers like to weigh in on how they use the Model 7378 7TS Holster, and we’d like to share some of their experiences with you.

Customer Reviews

“I bought this for my Glock 43 after being very happy with the one I bought for my Glock 17 Gen4. I bought the quick mount accessories and can use the one holster on a regular belt or my duty belt. Well worth the money and high quality.” A+++ -Chedderboy


“I’m a civilian that conceal carries and prefers IWB to accomplish that most of the year. During the winter weather comes more layers which logistically makes for a tougher draw and more margin of error. I was looking for a holster for my G17 that would accommodate my X300U, ride reasonably tight to my body (for OWB) and a little higher, while also offering some sort of lock/latch for security purposes. Model 7378 7TS w/ ALS has done exactly that at a great price. The paddle allows me to quickly slide it on/off as needed and is EXTREMELY secure. Great job Safariland!” –PlumnVA