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Hatch S7 Sling Pack

Have you ever been in a rush and had to go hunting around for critical gear? In law enforcement, seconds saved can mean lives saved. That’s why HATCH® designed the S7 Sling Pack specifically for police officers, to help organize everything needed for an emergency situation in one convenient place. The pack has multiple pockets and innovations for rapid deployment and efficient operations in the field.

Once our customers started carrying the S7 Sling Pack, they let us know about all the different ways they like to use it in their daily lives. We even made modifications based on their suggestions—such as padding an inside pocket to protect a tablet.

Check out our S7 Sling Pack life hacks—quick tips to make sure you have all the gear you need when you’re on the move.

S7 Range Bag
S7 Range Bag 2S7 Range Bag 3

On the range pack

With eight interior pockets and three exterior compartments, the S7 contains all the essentials for an afternoon on the range. Easily pack a couple boxes of ammo, holster, flashlight, ear protection, eye protection, sunscreen, hand wipes, and shooting gloves. Built-in elastic straps securely magazines.

Since most items tend to be dark in color, the interior of the S7 Sling Pack is a contrasting light color, so you can easily identify and grab whatever gear you need. Spending time on the range typically means being exposed to sun and heat, so be sure to pop a water bottle into the exterior compartment and keep hydrated.

S7 Cleaning Bag

A pack for keeping it clean

Stash all your handgun and rifle cleaning tools, cleaners and lube in the pack, and then just slide it under your work bench. The pack is large enough to contain the full KleenBore® Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit, bore brushes, patch holders, patches, wipes, Break Free® CLP® and Break Free® LP Precision Shooter®. The pack is easy to pick up and store in a vehicle when you want to take your cleaning tools and supplies with you.

S7 Medical Bag
S7 Medical Bag 2S7 Medical Bag 3

Trauma and medical pack

In a medical emergency, the S7 Sling Pack has several features to support efficient treatment of the injured. First, the pack has a C-clip which attaches to the belt for easy-on easy-off access, and to aid in keeping the pack anchored when running to a scene. Second, the top pouch opens outward and away from the body, so the user can access a trauma kit or medical supplies and the flap will remain open, without getting in the way.

The S7 also has a front loop panel where department and ID patches can be attached. If you like the sling pack as much as we do and have more than one, you’ll want to identify different packs at a glance and run out the door with the right one!

S7 Dad Bag

undercover diaper pack

Attempting to leave the house with babies and toddlers can feel like packing for a three-day camping trip. But there’s no reason you can’t wrangle the rug-rats and rock your style too. With the S7 Sling Pack, there’s room for everything—snacks, diapers, and a pad for tactical diaper changes while you’re on the road.

MOLLE loops cover the side of the pack for easy attachment of accessories like noise-making toys for distraction. Handy straps on the underside carry a jacket, towel, and extra kiddie layers for any unexpected poonami incidents you may encounter. Be sure to switch your water bottle out with formula and you’re good to go!

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