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7TS Series: Duty Edition

Officer Owen Griffith is a seven-year veteran on the force and has three years in SWAT. He’s also based in Oregon, and as you’ll see from the video, rain and fog are par for the course. Officer Griffith wears a Safariland® 7TS™ series duty holster for three reasons—retention, durability, and adaptability.



“One of the most important things to a holster is the retention. The 7TS series, their retention system is great,” says Officer Griffith. “Chasing after a suspect, effecting any sort of arrest, you don’t want to worry about your gun moving around…with this holster, it won’t.”

Most 7TS series duty holsters have multiple mechanisms securing the weapon. The 7360 7TS ALS® holster used by Officer Griffith in the video is a Level III Retention™ holster featuring Safariland’s ALS® (Automatic Locking System) device, which provides immediate, secure weapon retention once the gun is holstered. This 7TS holster includes SLS retention, which is released by pushing down on the hood and simultaneously rotating it forward, then the ALS® device is released by the thumb in an instinctive drawing motion.



The second reason Officer Griffith prefers the 7TS duty holster is its durability in all weather conditions. “Here in Oregon an important part for us is the elements,” says Officer Griffith. “You want a holster that’ll withstand the rain, the snow, the wind, anything that will come at us and with this holster we have that.”

Crafted from SafariSeven™—a proprietary DuPont™ nylon blend—the 7TS duty holster is extremely rugged, and will maintain its structural integrity whether it endures a day in the rain, or full submersion in water.



Policing doesn’t end when the sun goes down. The 7TS duty holster will fit the most popular gun lights, so officers can upgrade and change lights as desired. “There’s no issue if you’re switching out between different lights and different products there,” notes Officer Griffith.

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