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Safariland Liberator V

“Our ultimate goal has always been to develop the next-level communications product.”

Brad Medine, Communications Category Director

Shoot. Move. Communicate. The modern battlefield is an ever-changing environment. Poor comms can be the difference between operational success and failure—or life and death. The Safariland® Liberator® V headset was built from the ground up to ensure that all personnel have the most reliable, durable, and advanced tactical communications headset in the world.

Safariland_Liberator V_Military Shoot 2017_Studio
Safariland_Liberator V_Military Shoot 2017Safariland_Liberator V_Military Shoot 2017

Unparalleled Audio

The Liberator V features state-of-the-art audio technology tailored to maximize combat effectiveness. Digital Threat Compression Technology reduces dangerous noises to safe levels, while ensuring that you can still hear your point man’s whisper. New sound localization technology, developed specifically to enhance situational awareness, allows users to accurately pinpoint sound direction and distance in three dimensions.

Select one of three audio modes and switch between them on the fly—without having to move your firing hand off your weapon. The Liberator V incorporates active noise reduction, active noise cancellation, and dual ANC/ANR profiles to ensure reliable communications in any environment. This means you can give a patrol brief on the flight line or pass on a FRAGO while en route to an objective—while protecting your hearing.

Safariland_Liberator V_Military Shoot 2017

Designed for the Operator

Every operational environment has unique challenges—including its acoustic characteristics. That’s why Safariland has a state-of-the art acoustics laboratory, ready to help you overcome those challenges. Upload acoustical interference data from your AO—such as wind noise, ice shifting, or engine sounds—through a secure app. TCI will analyze the interference and send you a firmware update. Upgrade your headset through the secure, user-initiated Near Field Communications system.

The ideal choice for tactical leaders

Intuitive design and easy operation make the Liberator V the natural choice for operations requiring dual-comms. A single headset down lead attaches to your PTT, which connects to two devices. Plug in to your vehicle ICS, a radio, cell phone, or Bluetooth device. Single-device traffic comes in stereo for maximum clarity, while dual-device comms are directed to the left or right earcup with no bleed-over.

Safariland_Liberator V_Military Shoot 2017
Safariland_Liberator V_Military Shoot 2017Safariland_Liberator V_Military Shoot 2017

Attention to detail

The Liberator V is 100% U.S. developed and manufactured, and every single piece was designed in-house—not bulk purchased off-the-shelf. Made of SafariSeven™ polymer, this headset is scratch and scuff resistant, submersible to 15 feet, temperature tested to 500°F, and RF-shielded to ensure maximum reliability in the most austere conditions.


Switch between your patrol cap and helmet in less than a minute. The headset attaches to vertical or horizontal ARC rails without obstructing helmet-mounted cameras or tac lights, or can be comfortably worn with behind-the-head, over-the-head, or standard headband suspension systems. The Universal Helmet Mount allows users to quickly swap to whichever mounting option best suits mission requirements.

Even the battery compartment was designed to give the warfighter options—use AAA batteries or the same CR123 batteries you have in your tac light.

Customization options are available on request.

Safariland_Liberator V_Military Shoot 2017