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Team Safariland: Julie Golob

Breaking the Mold

“I don’t like the idea of fitting a mold,” says Julie Golob. “No one can dictate my success, I’m the only person that can do that.”

There is no one quite like Julie Golob. She has achieved so many firsts, so many championships in competitive shooting, it’s hard to imagine she does anything else. In 1999 she won the USPSA Limited (iron sighted pistol) and Open (race gun with compensator and optics) National Championships, as well as the Ladies World Speed Shooting Champion title, a triumvirate of titles never before accomplished by a female shooter.

She was the first Five Division USPSA Ladies National Champion, and the first to win a USPSA Nationals Triple Crown. One of her most remarkable feats is being the first person ever—male or female—to win a national title in all six USPSA divisions. When USPSA added a new pistol division in 2016, she took home her 14th National Title and became the first and only 7 Division Ladies National Practical Shooting Champion.

And yet, she credits success to one thing in life, which, in essence, is many things.


As a champion, author, US Army Veteran, hunter, media personality, foodie, ambassador, role model and mom, we connected with her to find out more about her incredible life story.

Julie Golob_Team Safariland_MedalsJulie Golob_Team Safariland_Competitive Shooting

“Shooting is more than just pulling a trigger. It’s something that’s become a truly part of my life and who I am. It makes me better, in every single way.”

Julie Golob_Team Safariland_Competitive Shooting

“I’ve always felt a little bit of motivation from people who’ve told me that I couldn’t do something, that I couldn’t be successful. Their criticism doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day it’s always been about me and what I’ve wanted, and that’s how I live my life.”

Julie Golob_Team Safariland_ChickensJulie Golob_Team Safariland_Chalk

“Ever since I was little girl I wanted to be the best at something. I’ve always had that drive and when I found shooting it all came together and I found a way to take it beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Julie Golob_Team Safariland_Competitive Shooting_Leaves