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Allusion Series: Model 126

Do you crave the traditional look, feel and smell of leather, but want the advantages of synthetic holster products? Get the best of both worlds with the Bianchi® Allusion™ concealment holster series. Think high-grade, full-grain leather on the outside, and a durable, synthetic liner on the inside.

Bianchi_Allusion_126 Holster

While the Bianchi Allusion Model 126 Assent™ holster has all the good looks of premium leather, its laminate structure ensures it will hold its shape and rigidity, even if soaked with water. The synthetic interior has the added benefit of providing a smooth and effortless draw and re-holster. An open-top, high-ride hip carry holster, the Model 126 has excellent concealability due to its contoured, body hugging design.

Bianchi_Allusion_126 HolsterBianchi_Allusion_126 Holster
Bianchi_Allusion_126 Holster

With the innovative integration of leather and synthetic technologies, the Model 126 also offers enhanced firearm retention, a characteristic that can’t be found on 100% leather-only holsters. You can rest assured the trigger guard detent will provide reliable carry, during typical or vigorous activity. On IWB Allusion models such as the Model 135 Suppression™, Model 145 Subdue™ and the Model 155 Subversion™ an antibacterial and antimicrobial closed cell foam mesh is sewn into the back of the holsters to help prevent sweat absorption and odor—while increasing air flow and comfort.

The Allusion series models are precisely formed to individual firearm models, and the Model 126 includes fits for over 39 different firearms including some of your favorites from Glock, Colt, Sig Sauer and Smith & Wesson.

Bianchi_Allusion_126 Holster