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Cold Weather Fix

Don’t get caught in the cold

When cold weather strikes it’s vital to keep your hands and fingers fully functional by wearing a pair of gloves. Even a moderate drop in temperature down to 52° Fahrenheit can reduce manual dexterity by 52-55%.

If you’re exposed to the cold, retain your fine motor skills by choosing a pair of gloves from the Hatch® Task Specific line. There are nine distinctive glove models—offering options for every task you take on, whether you’re a law enforcement or military professional, or a shooting enthusiast.

Consider the environment and tasks you’re likely to engage in. Do you need extra knuckle protection for shock absorption? Flash and fire protection? Or are you working in low light where high visibility is important?

Watch the Task Specific Glove Series video to get a quick overview of the different options.

Safariland_Holiday Gift Guide


  • Touchscreen compatible knuckle for use with electronics
  • All-soft cuff to flex around a wristwatch
  • Articulated strap is angled away from the wrist to accommodate a watch
  • Patented trigger finger Cut-Ring to ensure no unraveling when the glove tip is cut off
  • Hatch Ergo-Cut™ Floating Thumb pattern conforms to natural curvature of hand for greater dexterity and comfort

This winter protect your hands from the cold and preserve your fine motor skills for all the critical tasks you undertake.

Safariland_Holiday Gift GuideSafariland_Holiday Gift Guide
Safariland_Holiday Gift Guide