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Safariland Range Kit

Whether hunting or range shooting, it’s vitally important to protect your vision and hearing. Loss or impairment of either sense can have a huge negative impact on your ability to work and your quality of life.

Most firearms create noise at levels over 140dB, which can permanently damage your hearing. Ricochet, excessive powder blow back, ejecting spent cartridges and branches are all hazards that can damage your eyesight.

So what’s the best way to safeguard yourself? Always have eye and hearing protection on hand. It’s easy to keep a Safariland® Range Kit in your vehicle for yourself, bystanders, or as a backup in case one of your party forgets their own protection. The kit includes glasses for eye protection, ear plugs and a passive headset to protect your hearing.


To safeguard your eyesight from errant buckshot, flying cartridges and other environmental debris (like walking into bush or tree branches), the Safariland Range Kit includes a pair of clear, HD polycarbonate shooting glasses.

Recreational firearm use without proper hearing protection can lead to high-frequency permanent hearing loss, and sufferers report difficulty in discerning high-pitched sounds and speech sounds like “s”, “th” and “v”. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, another problem that can be permanent.

To protect your hearing, the Safariland Range Kit also contains two levels of protection. The soft, pliable, triple-flange ear plugs offer an optimal seal and an NRR of 23dB. Combine the ear plugs with the kit’s adjustable earmuffs—at an NRR rating of 26dB—and you get a combined NRR of 33dB.


Next time you’re shooting a firearm (and for anyone observing or standing behind you) think of your safety and be sure to don eye protection and hearing protection to avoid permanent damage.