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Team Talks: Maggie Reese | Tactical Rig Set-Up

Are you ready? Stand by…

Sprint. Stop. Shoot. Run. Repeat.

And don’t lose a single shell with the Safariland Model 086 Shotgun Shell Holder.

“One of the things I really love about our caddy and how it’s set up—is those shells aren’t going anywhere,” says Maggie Reese, Team Safariland member and winner of the 2017 Multi-Gun Nationals. “I can hit them. I can bump them around. I can go prone on a stage. Whatever happens, those shells are going to be exactly where I placed them.”

While the unique retaining plate of the 086 Shotgun Shell Holder stops shells from dislodging, it also allows for seamless and quick removal. “The great thing is,” adds Reese, “when I’m ready, they snap right out with ease.”

To create the perfect fit in your rig’s setup, the sturdy, aluminum back plate of the 086 shotgun shell carrier system can be adjusted for ride-height and angled cant. So after you load up and get back on the stage, “you know exactly where they’re going to be.”

Whether you’ve got big stages or smaller ones, the 086 Shotgun Shell Holders come in 2, 4, 8 or 12 shot shell configuration.


The 086 Shotgun Shell Holders are also set up for compatibility with the ELS Kit, a mounting platform for fast attachment and detachment of tactical or competition accessories. “So if I go up to a stage and I want a different configuration,” explains Reese, “I switch out [the accessories on] my belt, set it up for that particular stage and I’m ready to go.”

Each ELS Kit includes two ELS 34 Locking Forks and two ELS 35 Receiver Plates, which are made for use with the 032 ELS Competition Belt. In Multi-Gun competitions, security, accessibility and flexibility in your rig are the things that count when you’re on course.

Reese is the 2016 US-IPSC Handgun National Champion and a 3-time USPSA MultiGun National Champion. She appears on the History Channel’s “Top Shot,” “3-Gun Nation” on Versus, and “Shooting USA” on the Outdoor Channel. Reese has earned multiple regional and national titles and is recognized as one of 3-Gun’s dominant ladies in Open Division.