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Model 557 Light Bearing Holster

Do you frequently carry a light-bearing firearm? The two-in-one design of the Safariland® 557 Open-Top Belt Slide Concealment Holster gives you the option to carry your firearm with or without a light attached.

When your handgun is fully seated, an ejection port detent secures the firearm by gripping onto the ejection port. Easily draw your gun by pulling through the detent.

Safariland_557 Concealment Holster_Red-Dot
Safariland_557 Concealment Holster_Red-DotSafariland_557 Concealment Holster_Red-Dot

“Typically, without a light, a concealed carry, close-to-the-body-designed holster may have wiggle room and the handgun could wobble around. The Safariland 557 eliminates this issue since it secures the weapon even without the light,” said James Dawson, duty gear category director at Safariland.

The Model 557 holster offers a comfortable carry, as it has a wide design for even weight distribution. Engineered to be highly concealable and accommodate a light-bearing handgun, the Model 557 holster makes it possible to have a low profile for those who want to see—and not be seen.

Constructed from heavy-duty SafariLaminate™ material, the Model 557 is easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Configure your own Model 557 holster with our Holster Finder.

Safariland_557 Concealment Holster_Red-Dot
Safariland_557 Concealment Holster_Red-Dot