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Model 537

Easy to draw. Easy to conceal. Cutting edge yet understated design. Ideal for everyday use. The 537 GLS™ Open Top Concealment Belt Slide Holster features Safariland’s unique GLS™ retention, which automatically secures a handgun when holstered. To draw, use a standard shooting grip and intuitively depress the release lever with the middle finger to achieve a more intuitive and safer release.

Safariland Model 537 HolsterSafariland Model 537 Holster
Safariland Model 537 Holster

Product Features:

  • GLS™ or Grip Locking System secures firearm once holstered
  • Soft, flexible holster body allows holster to mold around wearer
  • Tension adjustment to customize tailor weapon fit to user preferences
Safariland Model 537 Holster

Great holster

“I bought this holster for my Glock 19 and it fits great! The draw is smooth and the GLS is easy to use. The material is hard like kydex but with a synthetic leather covering, this combo makes it easy to draw and re-holster but not tear up your sides. Very easy to conceal with an un-tucked shirt.”