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What do you get when you combine a footrace in the desert with multiple shooting stages during the day and night?

The Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun Match. It’s fast. It’s hot. And this year the Expedition will be bigger than ever. The format features two guns per stage, rifle shots under 100 yards, minimal shotgun loading, faster stages, and faster scoring, so squads will have the ability to shoot five stages in under four hours. For the past year we’ve been testing, evolving and improving this multi-gun match style to provide a fun, fast, and furious event.

Safariland Expedition_2018_Pro-gun Club

Mark your calendars and sign up here for the 2018 Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun Match, taking place June 7-10 at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada. Competitors can enter the following Divisions: Tac, Limited, Heavy, Open, PCC (shooting the entire match with 1 PCC gun), 2 Gun (shoot the entire match Rifle/Pistol) and 2X4 (Using Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and PCC. Must use two guns per stage, shooter’s choice. All open rules apply.) And new for this year, we will offer a pistol only division’s for Open, Limited, Production and Carry Optics.

Over the course of the four-day match, competitors can choose to shoot in multiple divisions. As an option and an added challenge, entrants may elect to shoot the same matches in the dark.

2017 competitor John McClain describes the challenge of shooting the night stages. “Once you turn the lights off, it becomes a whole other world. You’ve got lights down in stages that are changing colors. The sounds of gunshots. You’ve got strobe lights. I mean, it’s absolutely insane,” he said. “But most importantly, it’s absolutely the most fun I’ve had at a match here.”

Safariland Expedition_2018_Pro-gun ClubSafariland Expedition_2018_Pro-gun ClubSafariland Expedition_2018_Pro-gun Club

“We had so much fun with our first match and we are getting ready for to an even bigger and better match this year! I will be shooting in the PCC Division again along with many of the Team Safariland members will be competing. We’ve added some pistol only divisions, so load up plenty of ammo and join us. This is a very special event as we will be honoring and dedicating our match to our good friend Michael Voigt. He was a leader in the sport plus he won more multi-gun competitions than anyone, and he helped develop this match, RIP my friend. See you on the range!” Scott Carnahan, VP/GM and Team Safariland Manager

Safariland Expedition_2018_Pro-gun Club